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Mission Statement

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At Of Scorpions, we don’t give a damn but in the cool way. The kind of damn that’s not given to trends or permissions but rather true to the artist, the image, and the word. Of Scorpions’ curiosity is nurtured and unabated; it transcends permission and trend. Our curiosity is encouraged and rematerialized…unearthed in the deep recesses of the internet, our mom’s closets, and our brains. Of Scorpions’ gives a damn about what’s close to our hearts, what strikes our curiosity, and how we can make sure that curiosity is nurtured and unabatedly transmitted to the world. We’re after shackles, not shekels. Shackles that would otherwise bind us to our egos and find us slaves to likes and reposts. We’re searching for our fancies and hope we catch yours along the way.  

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-of scorpions

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